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Thread: RTACS using EXT.WO2AFR1,GM.AFR and CALC.BEN1

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    Default RTACS using EXT.WO2AFR1,GM.AFR and CALC.BEN1

    I`m trying to alter the Main VE Table using EXT.WO2AFR1,GM.AFR and CALC.BEN1

    I have read most of the articles regarding the theme in this section and in the Gen III, but I`m still unabe to set up up to make RTACS actually alter any values in the
    VE Table.

    RTACS IS working ok in my custom operating system (updating cells).

    Preferably I want RTACS (with filtering) to update my Main VE Table using lambda values from B3605.

    I have not yet succeded in getting GM.AFR to pick values from B3605, but I know how to make it pick from B3618 (verified on logging)

    I have tried to edit the sae_generic and cal_link files according to the old articles on fixing STRIMS using RTACS.

    Summary: I want the BEN1 factor between my GM.AFR and EXT.WO2AFR1 to correct the VE table until it`s as close as possible to 1.00

    I do get RTACS is active, but it`s not updating any cells.

    I will investigate more to make GM.AFR to pick values from B3605 (open loop), and use that table, if only I can make RTACS update at all
    to obtain BEN1 to 1.00

    Any inputs are highly appreciated

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    how are your filters configured and what is your update frequency?
    fine or course control?
    512k RoadRunner Firmware 12.14R
    FlashScan V2 Bootblock V2.07.04 Firmware V2.07.22 EFILive V7.5.7 (Build 191) V8.2.1 (Build 181)
    LC-1 WBO2


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    No difference with or without filters.

    Using coarse control, but I have not changed updating freq for RTACS. I think I saw an explanation somewhere.

    It`s been a while since I used EFI Live and the Roadrunner, and I just realized there is A LOT of info
    on this site I will study before I ask more or less stupid questions.

    I`m quite familiar with tuning and know what I want, but EFI live is a bit more complicated to use than aftermarket systems to obtain it .. .

    However, I like it more every day :-)

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    I found the RTACS Settings for Roadrunner under Edit-Properties-Roadrunner

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