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Thread: E67 AEM WBO2 hook up?

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    Default E67 AEM WBO2 hook up?

    I am trying to hook up my AEM WB so I can stop watching the gage and guessing where the rpms and other tuning data points are. It seems like it should be straight forward but can't get it to work. I read a thread from a while ago but it never seemed to get worked out. What pids do I need for it and is there a wiring and plug in diagram somewhere. Thanks.
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    Basically, the serial comms cable must be of the null modem type (i.e. crosses the Rx and Tx signals).

    You want these pids (you can set V2 to automatically log serial/digital pids): EXT.WO2AFR1, EXT.WO2LAM1, EXT.WO2EQR1, EXT.WO2ST1.

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    Thanks Brother, you are a life saver.
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