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Thread: Cab and Chassis help- Please!

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    Default Cab and Chassis help- Please!

    Hey guys,
    Been tuning on a 2007 6.7, Cab and Chassis for a couple weeks now. It's an Aisin auto trans..... no matter what we do the truck is a dog, no difference in power from one tune to the next.

    I've been over the tune with a fine tooth comb and can't find any issues with limiters at all.... We've done some manual trans versions with no issue

    Truck is sea level in Anchorage

    Last night I sent him an 08 OS file to see if that made any difference, haven't heard back as of yet.

    If anyone has any pointers that would be great, or a base stock file deleted that is known to work even?
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    I have an 07 C&C file I have used before with good results, very minimal tuning though (company work truck) but it was noticable. OS is 11520902
    If you need it, send me your email and I'll shoot it over.
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    I have tuned a few with good results. I would not alter the F0505 & F0508 tables . It will make the trans shift thru the gears sooner and cause the engine to lug down.
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