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Thread: Error $0322 kodiak 4500

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    Default Error $0322 kodiak 4500

    Tried to pull the stock tune for a friend who purchased this
    Kodiak. The Dpf has been deleted with a straight pipe, now throwing soot
    Accumulation/both ETS codes. Saw no Dpf section in stock tune, so,
    Tried to disable reporting on codes and flash stock tune back and get script error
    $0322 it is OS 12620015 any ideas? Please help?

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    Can you please make sure you are running the latest software and firmware.

    All of our calibration files were 're-generated' in February, so it's ultra important to update V7 and V8 software along with Firmware and bootblock. Software, along with current build numbers can be found here

    How were you flashing the controller - V8 standalone, V8 pass-through or V7?


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    Thank you for your reply. I was using V8 pass-through. The issue was something simple. This was a former "marta" shuttle bus. Upon crawling under the dash...I found an inline female OBD2 to male OBD2 connector for I take it, some kind of driver monitoring system to the OE OBD2 connector...unhooked the female and plugged the v2 in the OE connector and had success tuning it. It had some issues with some parts being removed mechanically but not electronically. All is well now.

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