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Thread: LML Idle control not working

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    Default LML Idle control not working

    I have had some issues getting these trucks to follow my idle requests.

    The one I am on now is 2011 and when it is warm it will idle at 800rpm and walk itself around a parking lot at about 8mph or higher. If you are trying to stop then it can be hard on the brakes.

    Other than Possibly A/C running (HVAC on Auto at 72* when it is 30* outside), or idling higher for EGT temps for upcoming Regen, I am out of ideas.

    Also I am wondering if anyone knows if EGT1_A PID is the turbo outlet Sensor or EGT Sensor after the Indirect (9TH) Injector.

    Thanks guys.
    2003 LB7 ECSB
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    - Sold at 242k

    2011 LML CCSB
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    The idle in efi live is just one of many used for various situations. You'd have to decrease allll the others. Some of them are just 1 values, some of them are 3D tables.

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    If you want send me the tune, and stock if you have it, I can take a look and see where you went wrong.

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