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Thread: Really needing help please!!

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    Default Really needing help please!!

    ok im by no means new to dmaxs but Im not too famalier with EFI LIVE and its install procedures. That being said heres my delima.
    I had my 06 lbz tuned by efi live with the dsp5 switch, supposedly! The guy that tuned my truck ran out of switches. "No problem, I'll have one shipped to you. Should be just a couple days" he tells me. I can work on dmax and know how to pin an ecm so we agree no problem there. Well that was a month and a half ago and still no switch! Im running a tune that has liped my tranny a couple times when im pulling heavy loads, I cant change my power and best of all he closed his shop down and changed job fields. Forgot to mention I had the tune done while I was down in Fort Worth for a SHO convention trailering a car for my friend. I live in Tulsa and have no way of getting anything done by this guy.

    Am I just really out of luck here or is there anything that can be done to let me change my tunes? PLEASE HELP?!!
    Ive wanted efi live for years now and was so psyched to finally get it! But my joy has diminished completely almost because of this.
    I will say the tune im running, long as its not a real heavy load, is amazing! Best ive ever had a dmax run! Where do I go from here all knowing efi live gurus?

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    Do you own any EFILive hardware?

    If you own FlashScan V2 you can flash over the tune in your ECM with either a tune written by yourself or purchased from another vendor.
    If you own AutoCal, you can ask the Tuner who went out of business to "unlink" the device so you can find another tuner to create you tunes.

    In both of the above cases, chances are you also have a copy of your stock file, which you could also flash into your ECM.

    If you do not own any EFILive hardware, then you need to find a new tuner who will write a tune to suit your needs, or purchase a switch from another vendor and install it if your ECM was flashed with a DSP operating system (Purchasing a switch and 'just' installing it may not be your best option given the problems you've already experienced with the vendor). Effectively, you have no way of changing tunes at this point of time.


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    If I can help you let me know


    Tuner of many, many Duramax and Cummins Diesels.

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    No I dont own any efi stuff but maybe I can just wire in a switch because that was the original plan .. I trust his tunes hes done hundreds of dmaxs

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