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Thread: $0322 Error

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    Default $0322 Error

    I'm having some problems with my 1Mb PCM (12586243)

    If I try to flash it with v8, I get the following error:

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Error_v8.jpg 
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ID:	17487

    If flashing with v7, the error is:

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Error_v7.jpg 
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ID:	17488

    Background as follows:
    Vehicle is a '05 Holden Crewman.
    I have successfully flashed this many times (100+) before. The last flash also seem to complete without issue. In the last calibration, I did make a change to one of the ECT parameters ({B2713} ETC Max Position for Idle) - hoping that I have not bricked the PCM....
    Software details:
    v8.2.2 Build 258
    Bootblock 2.0.07
    Firmware 2.07.63
    v7.5.7 Build 261

    Have tried ticking the 'assume lock is faulty' check box, but no difference in outcome.

    Any insight, or additional steps to take are appreciated.


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    Hey Mark, thanks posting the supporting info... I'll pm Paul.

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