I've specifically talking about this product ... http://www.vitesse-motorsports.com/t...010-camaro.htm

Most info in the forums (www.camaro5.com) states it reduces the electronic throttle lag/etc. and people who've installed them love them due to being able to switch between mild to wild modes. And, since it's plug and play, there's no issues of cancelled warranties/etc. 'cos it can easily be removed without a sign it was ever there. However, some have stated that it can be done with a tune (sans modes); if you don't care about the warranty.

How does it affect the tune; or rather the throttle control/response? Is there a table in our tune that we can manipulate the throttle drive-by-wire to do the same thing? Or is it something in the BCM?

I for one, would love a bit more oomph when I hit the pedal. I miss the punch in the back style acceleration of my old T/A with its cable throttle...