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Thread: Aftermarket turbo spooling?

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    Default Aftermarket turbo spooling?

    Ive got an 07 stock with stock fuel. Fixin to add a FASS 150 and a Snow Water/Meth kit. Anyway ive been playin with EFI Live and im learning slowly but surely. Im just havin a problem spoolin my turbo quick. Ive got a II Silverbullet 64/80 and I love it (when it lights), where is the best place to start? Ive heard pilot timing will help. Is that correct? I know I need fuel to light it. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    Main timing, rail pressure, and pulse...they go hand in hand with getting a turbo to spool.

    Retarded main timing, sends heat tot he turbine wheel and get it spinning, increased rail helps make power so you dont feel the retarded timing as much, and proper fueling will ensure that you dont end up with a smoke show.
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    Listen to Les, about a year or so ago he sent me a tune for my mega that at the time was stock with a BW366 on it & it lit extremely quick for stock fueling.

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    Thanks fellas. I'll give it a whirl. Do I need to full with any limiters since I have a manual waste gate?
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