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Thread: Al5 Pics

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    Default Al5 Pics

    Here are a few pictures of the AL5 board if anyone was interested.


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    Ive always been surprised at how "simple" the Allison 5-speed TCM PCB was. Having personally taken apart both 5-speed and 6-speed TCM's, the difference in PCB design and construction is worlds apart. 6-speed TCM PCB is fully encapsulated, and has de-cased chips for the processor, communications chip, and memory. Its cool you can actually see the cores/internal proc architecture.

    5-speed TCM has only 2 high-side drivers for trim a and trim b. All the rest of the solenoids are just fed from/tapped off of the ignition +12v input to the TCM and then controlled via low-side FETs. A lot of through-hole components, etc. Its really mid-1990's ECU design/technology.
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    And do you ever hear of them going faulty? Good design I think, not overly complex or shrunk too small. It is essentially a similar chipset of drivers, CPU etc as all the Delphi PCM's of this era.
    That PCB sealer stuff is a PITA though!

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