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Thread: EFI live lb7 tuning help PLZ!

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    Default EFI live lb7 tuning help PLZ!

    New to this EFI Live game have one main question. when you want to tune an individual dsp5 switch position, lets say #1, do you just turn your switch to the #1 setting and reflash your ecm or do you have to choose the #1 position in the Flash/Scan V2 program. I am using the hardwired switch setting

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    When you flash the ECM, it does not matter what position the switch is in...
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    Congrats on the upgrade to EFILive. I also just bought last month and I'm learning the ropes. There is a good tutorial on the process. It should be installed in your v7.5/doc/tutorials/DSP Upgrade Tutorial - LB7-LLY.pdf.
    Basically you will need to open your stock tune and upgrade the OS to DSP5.
    Then save the tune and close.
    Then re-open the tune. When it opens it will now look different. There will be a new set of EFILive specific items you can change. These show the tables that can be modified for each of the 5 tunes.
    Of the 5 tunes one is your basic tune and the next 4 have modifications in this section. You can modify most of the performance tables and the main tables (fuel sensor, etc) are only in the main tune.

    Good luck.

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