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Thread: can i use pico style injectors on 98 l31 vortech computer?

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    Default can i use pico style injectors on 98 l31 vortech computer?

    as the title states i am wanting to control injectors with the l31 computer. i am converting over to an edelbrock pro flow intake and dont have the money yet for the 411 pcm conversion and am just wanting to run the stock computer for now.

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    So long as the Edelbrock Pico Injectors are high impedance, they can be controlled with the Vortec "blackbox" PCM's.
    I just checked and the Edelbrock Pico injectors OHM at 14.9, so they are indeed a "saturated" high impedance injector, and not a "Peak and Hold" low impedance injector.

    Stock Vortec 305/350 poppets flow at 24.1 lb/hr @ 63 psi.

    At the very least you will have to adjust the IFR(injector Flow Rating) in the calibration to tune for whatever sized Pico injector size you use, and the exact fuel pressure you will run it at.

    1997 rcsb stock L31 longblock, Marine Intake with 28# EV6 injectors, L35 2700 stall TC,Hooker LT's 2.007 60ft

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