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Thread: Cummins swap question.

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    Yeah i would like for all the gauges to work. Yes the Chevy is fully loaded has everything.

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    You're going to need a completely custom wiring harness, and custom tune in the original gas ECM. That harness will have to be fully integrated with the Dodge harness as well.

    You will also have to figure out how to mount an LSx 24x reluctor wheel on the crank, so the gas ECM can see a valid crank signal; otherwise the heated seats, AC, and a couple other things that require an "engine run flag" will not work. No, you cant "fake" it or "ground a wire" because its all done over the databus.

    Its not going to be cheap...but if you are serious about it, I can build the harness for you so it will be plug and play and everything will work. Send me an email, btdieselworks (at) gmail (dot) com and we can go from there.

    2005 Silverado, CC/SB, 4x4, LT, LILLY/Allison
    12.9s @ 108 mph

    many thanks to Ross and Paul

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