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Thread: Looking for CAX for B1859 (Closed Throttle Torque)

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    Default Looking for CAX for B1859 (Closed Throttle Torque)

    I know this is in a 2006 cal we have but looking to get it for a 2007 Z06 we have here....does anyone have a CAX file for that year OS?




    2006 ZO6 895/866 with APS TT
    2010 SSRS Camaro HTR-900TT (798/801)
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    Hello Howard,

    Given that this is a 2007 Corvette, I will assume that you are working with OS12611833 or OS12614676.

    I believe that you use multiple tuning softwares to provide the quality of tuning solutions that your company is known for. Why not simply adjust this parameter using HPT ?

    HPT was a couple of OS where the start point of this table is incorrect, and the table is populated with incorrect data (little more than electronic gibberish) - but both of the above mentioned OS are correct in HPT.

    If for whatever reason, you need this completed using EFILive, I don't mind configuring the Closed Throttle Torque table for you. The 2007 Closed Throttle Torque table is very different from the earlier 2006 variant.

    I can't give away corporate R&D (I have hundreds of CAX files), but I try to collaborate with EFILive users at no cost (whenever possible) to assist with tuning solutions.

    Just let me know if you still require assistance adjusting this table using EFILive - and I could configure the table to your specifications.


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    Sorry to ask but for what this table is used to ?
    EFILive Tuner

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