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Thread: $0482 error after update

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    Default $0482 error after update

    I upgraded my software to 2.2.272 . Updated bootblock then firmware . I was then able to load the tune I was sent onto the autocal . I uploaded this tune to my vehicle without issue and then tried to make a recording and was given the $0482 error . Any ideas ?

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    AutoCal support is managed through the tuner who sold you the device.

    The EFILive Error code list provides details on error codes returned. This can be found in your V8 software under the Help->Documents menu.

    In your case, the error from the Error Code list indicates that the *.pmm file incompatible with this firmware version.

    The Cause is: You are using an older version of the EFILive version 8 software than the AutoCal or FlashScan firmware can handle.

    The Action is: Re-install (or repair-install) the EFILive V8 software, then click on the [Check Firmware] button in the main V8 Scan and Tune window and perform any updates that are available.

    If the Check Firmware option doesn't list any *.pmm files (configuration files needed for logging), then your tuner will need to provide these to you.


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