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Thread: Software issue and trouble code $0536 (New to EFI live)

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    Default Software issue and trouble code $0536 (New to EFI live)

    Ok I'm new to this forum site and am trying to navigate it as best I can. I have an AutoCal and recently bought new tunes for it. The tuner directed me to to download and sync our V8 software. A few days went by and after getting the exhaust installed I went to the site and tried to download the SW. However the link for the version that he would have been directing me to, build 272, was dead in favor of the new most recent V8 software, build 273, which I was direct to on page two of the given forum. I tried to find build 272 in the previous versions section of the downloads. So I downloaded build 273. I followed the rest of the instructions provided by the tuner to add and run the tune and now I'm getting the $0536 trouble code, "tune not registered to this autocal". My question is, is there anyway this is an issue with the software version, or is this an error on the part of the tuner. I've reached out to the tuner but don't expect to hear back from him until Monday and if it's just a software issue and someone can direct me to the 272 build I'll happily give that a shot. I apologize in advance if I've violated forum rules, I attempted to do my research prior to posting. Thanks! Daniel

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    Old software is removed when new software becomes available.

    Your tuner has not linked your tunes to your AutoCal, so your AutoCal has not been given permission to flash those tunes. Only your tuner can resolve this issue.


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    Thanks hopefully he can remedy the situation. Please feel free to remove this post.

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