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Thread: truck being nightmare

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    Default truck being nightmare

    ok back on this 05 ive got it to take the dsp tune and run good but now every time it sets for an hour the engine light comes on and is leaving a (p0802 transmission control module tcm mil request) I know that its the trans tripping the light for codes. but my question is if I install a single tune I don't get this. so we installed another dsp we made for another truck which runs great and it pops up with that tune. but one minute you reflash the truck as soon as its done it comes up for tcm,egr,and oil pressure. the other day the oil pressure gauge went to 0 and checked it with the scan tool and it showed no oil pressure deleted the codes and reflashed the same tune back in it and it had oil pressure. so what the heck is going on with this truck iam bout lost

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    any one have an idea we are still fighting with this issue

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