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Thread: ?Lml flashscan v2 or autocal? Limitations?

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    Default ?Lml flashscan v2 or autocal? Limitations?

    I just bought a 2014 2500 duramax and know nothing about the EFIlive world. Ive done some searching but have had trouble finding some definite information so I figured you guys could tell me. the truck is stock right now... I want to put a 5" straight pipe on the truck and do an EGR delete as well. I was planning to install a transgo jr. too. And a fass 150 if i need it for more fuel.. so my questions are how much of a tune could I safely use with this setup? What is my weakpoint? And I really dont know the difference between an autocal or a flashscan v2? and which do u think i need? i do have a laptop. Any information is appreciated. sorry for being new (:

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    The main difference between FlashScan and AutoCal is:

    If you want to write your own tunes then you'll need a FlashScan V2.
    If you want to just purchase tunes from a tuner then you only need an AutoCal to flash in the pre-written tunes.

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    Or one other big difference is the Autocal Gets linked to 1 tuner, so if your the type of guy who might want to try others tunes from time to time the autocal will not work for you.

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    Default This will explain in further detail.
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