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Thread: 2015 lml trans limp

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    I've got guys out there running around at 28k+ with stock trans and no issues. I'm probably a bit more conservative with my tuning, but I like to keep things together and not wreck stuff...
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    My truck has 30k on it and a non deleted tune by me. Also own a transmission shop. Adding the g-solenoid block plug accomplishes the same results as turning off g-solenoid in trans tuning. Either does not increase idle or full throttle line pressure. It does however eliminate the reducing pressure during shifts. I have had all torque limits turned off, ran the tune for a while G-solenoid off and then installed billet plug. It still shifts almost the same as stock but a bit bumpier down low easy driving. I rarely tow but drive aggressively. I just decided to do some additional work on it and add some power so I pulled the trans. All was perfect except the C3 clutch was tiger striped. So it wasn't enough for my non professional tune in 30k miles. I drove it easy for the first 5k to break it all in. I installed a new pressure kit to bump mainline pressure way up, installed all Ex-Excalibur performance/extra clutch packs and the cooling mod PTO covers for the C-3 clutch. I Removed the G-solenoid block and started with stock trans tune. With a bit more power it shifts full throttle about like stock and light throttle feels way better. All this after re-learn, which banged the shit out of gears after the repairs without the re-learn, I just wanted to see how far it had adjusted for soft shifting. So the re-learn put it to a good acceptable level. Still a bit too soft for me so I will turn the G-solenoid back off to see what that feels like. Oh, the tripple disc converter shifts in to lock up quicker and firmer but very acceptable (Actually perfect) Just need to figure out some hex to get it to lock up in 2nd and to adjust vane settings on turbo.

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    May want to rethink messing with the solenoid with pump pressure mods, they say bad things happen. But if you do post pics when you go back in to fix it
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