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Thread: LS3 Starts and immediately dies

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    Default LS3 Starts and immediately dies

    I have an LS3 Rod that has an inconsistent start then immediately die condition. Intermittent because sometimes at random it will start and run fine.
    I have changed crank sensor as well as checked the powers and grounds. All of the sensors seem sane. As the intake system isn't conducive to a properly functioning MAF I have tuned it in Speed Density. Attached is the tune file. Any thoughts? Thanks!

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    i had an issue similar with the gmpp controller and it was not failing the maf when it started and died immediately

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    The solution is in Swingtan's tutorial, thanks Swingtan:
    General information
    E38 VVE Setup Guide

    Basically if the MAF is failed in the cal and also the signal wire pulled it defaults to a very low mass flow and reduces injection to such a small value it won't keep running. Set DTC Type P0101 P0102 P0103 to C Non Emissions.

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