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Thread: Knock Sensor Types - Engine Swap Gen 4 with 411 PCM

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    Default Knock Sensor Types - Engine Swap Gen 4 with 411 PCM

    So I've done some reading on Ls1Tech and on here, and I didn't find anything conclusive on how to run a 411 based PCM with an Gen 4 block. Currently working on an LS-swapped (Gen4 08 model year, 5.3) fox body Mustang. Right now, the ls2 style sensors are being used, and KR is erratic at low timing, as low as 15 degrees commanded an 3600 rpm with 4 degrees of KR.

    So from what I have read, it's like picking your poison. Run the ls1 sensors mounted to the side of the block (close to motor mount or drill and tap ls2 factory knock fitting) and increase their sensitivity OR run the ls2 (re-pin harness) and copy over the tables from a 4.3 (from the same 12212156 OS). So the issue seems like neither situations are ideal.

    I'm very surprised that some tuners say to change the knock sensor type in the PCM, and that's it. Based on how these two types of sensors work, doesn't seem it is that easy. So the million dollar question - which is the best way to go? There has to be a preferred method.

    And the reason I want to get this right, the engine will see 15 pounds of boost, and I would like to take advantage of the factory knock control.

    Ideas anyone? Heeeeellp! Haha
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    This is a hard thing to do...

    if I were to do it, I would use knock phones and adjust the sensitivity based on what I heard... this of course implies a bunch of dyno time which may not be feasible.

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