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Thread: CM2200 cross model year compatibility

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    Default CM2200 cross model year compatibility

    I have had a few trucks come in for tune updates, trucks were previously tuned by someone else.

    The trucks had different model year calibrations, like a 2010 tune in a 2011 or a 2012 in a 2011.

    Is this possible? I was under the impression that each model year needed its specific calibration.

    Can I use a 2012 in a 2010 for example?

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    See post 17 & 18 on the thread CM2200 bench harness pinout lower down on page one or towards top of page two of this forum. I had asked a similar question regarding a CM2200 C&C ECM that I got to replace a Pickup CM2200 ECM. I overwrote the C&C with a stock 2010 file from the old Tune Depot link. It worked fine. I would read the Cummins 6.7 CM2200 CSP5 users guide that EFILive has regarding flashing these ECM's that have prior tunes loaded on them. Towards the beginning it addresses potential problems with EFILive clashing with other tuners modifications.

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