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Thread: E38 Fan fix? Manual trans

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    Default E38 Fan fix? Manual trans

    Hey guys, wondering if I am missing something here. Just did a tune on a 69 Camaro with an LS3 everything is working great minus the fans. They are coming on with key on. I set them to PWM and simply get relay chatter, so I know they are wired right. Am I missing something in the tune or is there an issue with the calibration? Also threw in another tune with the same OS and the fans worked fine on discreet. Any ideas from the experts?
    Stock Vette_00012.ctz

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    Any chance G0902 has been set incorrectly? If the AC pressure is a little high and this table is set as in the tune, it's possible both fans will come on straight away.

    It's interesting to see that the AC disable tables are also set so that the AC will never turn off. Is this actually a stock tune or has someone already played with it?

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