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Thread: How to Repair the RJ12 and RJ45 inputs on the FlashScan V2

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    Default How to Repair the RJ12 and RJ45 inputs on the FlashScan V2

    1. Remove the 5 screws on the back panel. Note, one is covered in the center.
    FlashScan V2 Rear Panel

    2. Gently remove the 16 pin connector by pushing on the outer edge using your fingernails or a small screwdriver
    FlashScan 16 Pin Connector, Note Right Side of box
    FlashScan 16 Pin Connector

    3. Identify the parts you want to replace. RJ12, 45, USB, or whatever.
    RJ and USB Connectors

    4. Flip the board over and identify the solder points. There are 8 on the RJ45 and 6 for the RJ12. Note the left of the
    RJ45 are 2 black plastic tabs. They are part of the RJ jacks and are heat melted so they don't fall through the board.

    a) Simply heat these and gently remove with razor or box knife in my case.

    b) Using the desolder in the next photo, lay it over the solder and using the solder iron absorb the solder
    from the pin. I found letting it slightly cool then pull, helped grab the solder better.
    In some cases, you may have a nice solder vacuum unit.

    c) To remove the RJ connector, I found that after removing the solder, the pins were lightly sticking from
    residual solder. To defeat this, I gently pried w/small screwdriver between board and connector while
    placing the needle end of the solder gun on the pin and lightly pushing down. They will pop lightly when loose.
    Take your time doing this. You want a nice surface to solder the new one on.
    Pin locations/Solder Joints

    5. After RJ removed, use another strip of desolder to clean both sides. Lay a piece flat against the board and heat one
    pin at a time. Also, you can use a straight pin to lightly clean out the pin holes.

    6. Position the new RJ in then when you know all the pins are lined up, push the tabs through. Flip over the board,
    and melt the tabs down w/solder gun and flatten with knife edge while hot. Use a very thin solder like a 0.032 or 0.022"
    and solder each pin and carefully observe w/magnification.

    7. Put the covers back on and happy tuning

    Simple and Cheap equipment.
    DeSolder Braid

    Bought this to experiment, as it has a small tip.
    Cheap Solder Gun

    Old RJ45. Note how worn out. Symptoms of failure including losing connection from movement of the box.
    Note, I sliced it apart so we could see how worn out it was.
    Old RJ45

    New RJ45:
    New RJ45

    DigiKey RJ45 used was an EXACT match:
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