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yep. does all the flashing of the etc calibrations that efilive/hpt cant do.

it's only $169usd.

it's primarily used for reflashing/tuning Subaru and mitsubishi cars, but as it's a j2534 adapter just needs software written for it your selected make/ecu.

the driver that works or tis2web is on there download page.
Wow thats awesome!!!

Ive needed a newer device to flash the newest vehicles that the Tech 2 no longer supports...and I was torn between buying a chinese MDI ($300), Mongoose cable ($500)....I wasnt going to spend $1000+ on a genuine MDI.

I wasnt sure if the chinese MDI's worked properly with TIS2WEB and GDS, so that was a $300 gamble.....and $500 for something Im not going to use that often (98% of the vehicles/ECM's I work with are compatible with Tech 2).

That is great to see there is a cheaper J2534 option with that Tactrix cable. I assume it effectively does everything a Mongoose/MDI does? So it works 100% properly with Tech2Win, Global Diagnostics (GDS), and then obviously TIS2Web flashing?