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Thread: please help with BBL

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    Default please help with BBL

    When I click the BBX Icon in V8 I get a pop up box that says "file is not a valid multi stream file". Im up to date on software, firmware, ect. What am I doing wrong?

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    Please post a screenshot...

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    Click image for larger version. 

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    That is caused when the most recently used configuration file has been incorrectly saved with an extension of *.bbx instead of *.txt. When the config file has an extension of *.bbx, the EFILive software thinks it is a BBX quick setup file and attempts to load the config file as if it is a quick setup file. Because it is not really a valid multistream quick setup file (i.e. a real *.bbx file), you will see that error.

    To stop that from happening: Using Windows Explorer, locate one of the BBX configuration files in the folder \My Documents\EFILive\V8\Config. The default config file is called Options.txt. Drag that file onto the main EFILive V8 window which will cause V8 to open the BBX window with that *.txt file instead of the *.bbx file.

    If that does not work, exit the V8 software, then edit the file: \My Documents\EFILive\V8\Config\EFILiveScanAndTune.ini using Notepad and delete the line that contains "Options=<name of most recently used file>" entry from the [MRU Files] section.

    Before asking for help, please read this.

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