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Thread: new tune won't load onto my flashscan

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    Default new tune won't load onto my flashscan

    ok, so les sent me a new tune for my twins and I'm so stoked I can't see straight, but huge bummer, following his written instructions I started v8 selected bbx selected quick setup and then I go to open the file. Now at first it doesn't even show up as a usable file until I change the parameters to all files and then when I select the file at first nothing happened. Then I did it again like 20 times and it finally showed it on the list but it had a red x in front of it. from that point I can't get it to load or do anything. can anyone help. I don't want to bug les if I don't have too he's in the middle of moving and is very busy. I've hooked my laptop to the site and used the check firmware to make sure I'm good and it shows green. Any ideas would be appreciated, it's torture to have it within my grasp and not be able to use it
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    so I found out it was the memory card i believe that was the issue but still can't get the file to load. it says it'll take a few min and it only takes seconds and the tuning file on my v2 always says its empty. I verified with lap top and it is always empty.
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    Contact your Tuner. I assume you are using Explorer to load tune file into your V2 and you have configured your BBX for the vehicle you are about to flash?

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