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Thread: help with tune for ls1 powered boat

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    Default help with tune for ls1 powered boat

    im currently putting an ls1 into a boat and i am going to stick with the ls1b pcm my question is if i dont have a speed sensor input as it is direct drive how it it going to effect the calibration, how do i use the hi spark map without a speed input, what should i do with the throttle cracker and throttle follower etc
    also if anyone has any useful info on how i should setup the tune, what to turn on or off any work arounds or calibrations i should adjust would be a great help as i am only a noob

    thanks in advance

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    Hi, the high octane spark map is not affected by speed input. The computer interpolates between high and low based on spark activity.
    Are you making any changes to engine? Cam. Headers. intake... Etc? That will affect the rest of the answers.
    For a boat, and I'm just thinking out loud here, I would think a tune from a manual teams Camaro would be a good place to start.

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    I've done one for a boat, use a manual calibration. If a factory cam is used it will run fine without VSS.
    The one I did was tuned open loop as there was no provision for two o2 sensors in the heat exchanger manifolds, would have preferred to have o2s and maf.
    I tuned it on the water, found it had a fairly narrow window of cells in the VE table that where actually used.

    Went very well, and much improved fuel economy over the old school 350 that it replaced.
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