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Thread: E38 BBX limitations

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    Default E38 BBX limitations

    Just starting to work on an E38 ECM and noticed that you can log quite a few more bytes than the old LS1B's. I'm pretty sure the limitation for the LS1B is 24 bytes. In V8 Scan and Tune - BBX - it shows 42 bytes for the E38. I know that if you add more bytes to your PID list, then the logging speed goes down.

    Am I reading it correctly that I can have 42 bytes for the E38, or should I stick with 24 bytes?

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    I don't have the figures/times with me right now but yes the CAN based controllers will log more data and log it faster than the VPW controllers.
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    Does anyone have a comparison for logging speeds? I seem to remember that for the LS1B, 24 bytes of PIDs comes across at ~10 frames / second. I was wondering if for the E38, 42 bytes of PIDs translated to ~10 frames / second, of if it was even faster. Or maybe if I kept it down to say 24 bytes, that it would be xx frames / second???

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    V7 can log 24 pid channel from an E38 at 40 frames/second.

    V8/V2 would be able to log 42 pid channels at 40 frames/second as far as I can tell.

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