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Thread: E40 computer OS swap?

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    Default E40 computer OS swap?

    I'm doing a v8 swap with in a Colorado. I need to run an E40 computer to do it. I got a computer from the local junk yard but it's from a grandprix v6. Can I do a full write and put a trailblazer v8 OS on it? Also, is there a difference in the t42 TCM's? I also got it from a grandprix.
    I've been searching for days with no real answer. Service number is 12581501

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    E40 was never used with any V6s to my knowledge. Can you confirm it's a real E40 and says E40 on the ECM case? I searched for that service number and it came up with an 04 Grand Prix...the E40 was only used from 05-06 with 5.3/6.0L V8s as a stop gap between the 1MB LSB1 PCM and the E38/E67s.

    If it's a real E40, you might be able to do a full write with a GM Tech II, but as this is a Gen IV ECM (E40) it will require SPS to program the ETC/DBW controller. No aftermarket tuning product can do this as it is a write-only controller.
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    I'm guessing it is a P05....looks just like an E40. As Erik said, look at the bottom of the case, you'll see 'E40' or 'P05' stamped in the aluminium cover.
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    gonna be a P12, you will need a E40, to do this, you will need Tis or sps to flash it to a 06 SSR or 06 trailblazer. The interchange on Hollander has bee wrong for years now they ay the v6 computer works but it doesn't, the E40 has E40 cast into the case. Send me a PM for more help

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