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Thread: help obd2 to rj45 cable

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    Default help obd2 to rj45 cable

    Was at my friends last weekend and we were working on his 2007 silverado, the story is i forgot my obd2 to rj45 cable and i need it for my truck tomorrow , i know i will soon go back there but he is an hour away and i want to work on my truck in the morning . I have an old obd2 cable that came with a superchips tuner with an old serial 9 pin connecter, my question is , if i find the pin out of the flashscans rj45 female connector can i just crimp another male rj45 connected to the wires i need witch are batt, both grounds body and signal and communication as i have the tool for that ,will this work or is the flashscan obd2 cable specific in any way meaning having any sort of electronics built into the cable . I know the pin out of the obd2 end just need the flashscans rj45 connector. Thanks in advance if anyone can help, have to be sure as i dont want to fry my flashscan as the canadian dollar is worth way to little for that.

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    Thanks alot for the info. Guess i missed that tutorial. I had all the other info , was just not sure at all about their rj45 connector, hope the pin outs on the rj45 are exact, should be its efilive.

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