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OK let me know please how you make out . My Alt gauge reads minus when running .
One thing you might want to check if you have access to a scan tool would be your actual fuel rail pressure while idling engine warmed up, if it jumps more than 100-200 psi it is possibly your fuel pressure regulator on the back of the injection pump, example idling when warm will be around 4.2 kpsi if it jumps to 4.3 then to 4.1 then back to 4.2 it would be probably ok, but if it jumps maybe around 4.5 or a big jump while idling then there could be a problem with the regulator. I have replaced mine multiple times with no luck so that is not the problem I am having but wanted to clarify that in case it is your problem. I will still let you know the results of my alternator swap regardless thanks