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Thread: P12 crank sensor relearn unavailable?

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    Default P12 crank sensor relearn unavailable?

    I'm trying to do a crank relearn on an 05 Chevy Colorado with the i5 engine. But there is no p12 controller. Has anyone find a way to perform this?

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    Seems P12 support is gone in EFILive.
    I don't remember that it ever had the option to do crank relearn, EFILive will remember crank position.
    I need to do a full flash on a P12 but last time I tried it was a nightmare.
    Hate to say it but you might have to find someone with HPtuner.
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    Try selecting LS1B for doing crank relearn.

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    Use LS1B 99-07 as the controller, the only time you need to do a Crank relearn is when you swap in a different PCM. The CKP data is stored in non-violate and never overwritten even with a full-flash.
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    thanks for the help guys unfortunately no success on this so far. Probably will just use a tech ii

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