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Thread: RAFIG PDF - Includes all of SSpdmon idle info.

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    I will check

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    Hey SSD, good to see ya

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    hey guys, love the info, just trying to get a project of mine dialed in, but i don't see much for detailed info for the RAFPN portion of this tutorial, can anybody chime in on all the correct pids to get setup for that bit, i have a 6.0l lq4 with a 4l60e behind it with a 218@50int/227@50exh duration and 109int/115exh lobe center, gm perf asa grind cam in this, it's giving me some grief with the idle tuning and throttle follower, wants to stall after reving. in the past i've paid people to do this for me, its now time for me to learn so i can do it myself.

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