Hey guys, I have searched the forum and I dont see anything... But I am wondering if I can do a trans relearn with my auto cal. I have a 08 Duramax with an auto cal from Anarchy Diesel. I am putting a transgo jr shift kit in it and I need to do a trans relearn. My brother is borrowing my edge cts that I would normally do the relearn with and I didnt think about it until I had the valve body all apart... So is there a way to do a trans relearn with my auto cal?

The truck is 20 miles away at my buddy's garage and I dont want to drive down there and find out I cant do it with my autocal. I am trying to get my hands on a snapon scanner to do it with but so far I havent been able to do that either... Any help asap is greatly appreciated. There is currently no tranny tuning done on the truck with the efi live as far as i know.