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Thread: getting an error $0483

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    Default getting an error $0483

    when loading bbx my v2 for E83 controller im getting a error $0483 evrything is up to date. Version 8.2.2 build 290 boot block2.07.07 firmware 2.07.95 not sure whats going on any help would be apprecitated , tried reinstalling v8 and clicked firmware says all up to date.

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    The *.pmm file that was copied to FlashScan or AutoCal when setting up Black Box Logging is corrupt or is not a true *.pmm file.

    When you click on the Check Firmware button in V8 Scan and Tune, you'll also see an option to update the configuration files. If any of the files are out of date, they will be marked by a red cross and require updating.

    If that doesn't fix the issue, you will need to go to [F5: BBX] and setup your BBX configuration again.


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