The following controllers have reached their 'End of Life' for EFILive software support, bug fixes and ongoing development. While calibration definitions exist and will remain within the EFILive software, users are encouraged to determine if the functionality available meets their needs prior to purchase.
There will be no visible changes to existing customers; many of these controllers have remained static for between four and six years.
The controllers affected by this change are:

  • L31 - Vortec 98-00 PCM
  • P12 - Atlas Engine PCM for I4, I5, I6 Engines
  • P11 - 02-05 4 Cylinder P10 - Inline 6 PCM
  • P08 - 97-02 4 Cylinder

A full list of vehicles affected can be found on the GM End of Life Controllers web page.

The EFILive Development Team