Can someone explain the part throttle shifts to me. I have a few questions.
Why is Table B (4low) roughly the same speeds as the rest. Wouldn't 4 low be much lower. I read in a post from years ago that table B and D are switched. Is this true.

I am trying to take out the delayed 5-4 shift. Nothing seems to change the way it downshifts. Example 4-5 upshift I moved KMH down roughly 20%. Then 5-4 downshifts I have 4KMH lower than those speeds. Truck still needs 70% throttle or better to shift. Lets say the truck shifts into 5th at 50mph. Then after it shifts I start pressing the throttle going up a hill. Truck is doing maybe 55mph. Takes almost 75% throttle until it shifts 5-4