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Thread: EFILive Beta Software testing

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    Default EFILive Beta Software testing

    EFILive is changing the way it conducts beta testing for new features and parameter expansion. EFILive beta software is now available to all users who chose to download and install beta software. By using the EFILive beta software, you can take part in shaping EFILive software by test-driving new platforms, parameters and software features.

    EFILive beta software will be a manual software download from our forum, and will be denoted by the following warning when launching both V8 and V7 software.

    Internal testing will continue before each build is made available and in-vehicle testing (where applicable) will be conducted prior to making beta software available to reduce potential issues, however bugs may still exist. Beta software is test software, and is not intended for use in production environments.

    Our change in beta process is designed to improve the time frame between software development and public release by giving many customers immediate access to new features and parameters to drive the feedback process.

    The April 2016 Beta software release contains the following features for testing:
    • CME 2016 operating system support; including CSP5 for selected OS's.
    • CME 2013-16 Cummins 6.7L Transmission parameters.
    • CMD 2010-12 Cummins 6.7L Transmission parameters.
    • Cummins Fast CAN Mode (for CMD and CME controllers) gives the ability to control flash speed. Fast CAN Mode is estimated to be 40% faster.
    • E83B GM Gas - 6 newly supported operating systems, and changes to existing OS's.
    • E39A GM Gas - support for new OS.

    V8 pass-thru data logging completes this first beta release. Cummins transmission PID's have been added to the V8 Scan Tool (This option will not be available in V7 software). EFILive will be working closely with beta testers focusing on Cummins 2010-16 pass-thru logging before moving onto platforms currently supported in V7.

    Customers interested in testing newly released features are encouraged to read the EFILive Software Testing Guidelines before downloading and installing beta test software. For customers who cannot tolerate failure or use EFILive software production environment, EFILive strongly suggests ONLY installing public release software or pre-release software.

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