You guys are going to hate me with this one. Haha. I have an 03 lb7. This truck was all stock. I did dsp5 with tunes and position 5 as a lope just to mess around. I don't really like lope tunes but figured hey what the heck. Anyhow. I've done lope tunes before just not on my truck. When I go to position 5 the rpm just goes up maybe 25rpm or so. It just stays there. No lope. I tried anywhere from 10-60%. Still nothing. Just roughly 50rpm increase that holds steady. I even tried changing the lope to dsp 1,2,3. Still nothing. I even tried the 400 and 800 cells. Nothing. Now I don't really care about the lope tune just curious why it won't work on this truck. I'm even wondering if the full flash I did when I converted to dsp5 didn't fully take. Everything works well and all my positions work. I used late lb7 script. Just for the heck of it I loaded my complete file in my other truck. Still no lope in that truck either. It's odd. What am I missing. A torque table limiting it??? Idle parameters???? I can't figure it out. More curious than anything.