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Thread: '96 4.3 to '411 4.3 PCM info...

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    Default '96 4.3 to '411 4.3 PCM info...

    Hi everybody! I have been searching and readingfor quite some time, but haven't truly found any SOLID answers. I have a '96 S10 Blazer. It's a 4.3l, 4L60E, 4X4 (it's keeping this drivetrain for now) and I'm looking to swap in a PCM that I have from a 2001-2002 S10 Blazer with a 4.3, 4L60E, 4X4 setup. I have the PCM and connectors with 4"-6" of wire, but now i'm just in need of a pinout to swap the '411 in and clarification on the trans wiring ...because I had originally read that it is just a repin, but I have also read about cutting, soldering, etc at the trans OR in the gauge cluster, but i didn't know if that was just a fullsize truck thing.

    Thanks for all the time and energy that folks have devoted to spreading knowledge!

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    See your other thread.

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    joshwho? How did you make out with your '96 4.3 to '411 4.3 PCM swap?

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