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    Default Ignition Timing

    Could anyone explain why the ignition timing I'm seeing at idle, with my scan tool, does not agree with the timing I've set up in my main spark table? This is with the engine fully warmed up to operating temperature. My idle spark timing is showing around 18 degrees at .016gms/cylinder at 850rpm but the timing I have entered in the spark table is 22 degrees. Do I have to wait for the timing changes to take effect after uploading my calibration by driving the car or is something overriding my setting?

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    What table are you looking at? The base spark tables or the Spark high octane table?

    When idling i believe it will run off the base spark tables, but im new so i definitely could be wrong about this.

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    There are many correction tables which will add or subtract timing depending on conditions.
    If you log all the timing pids you will be able to see what is doing what
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    Thanks for the reply guys. I was looking at the wrong table. Base spark is correct as per the table.

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