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Thread: COS to stock OS

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    Default COS to stock OS

    Long story short, a long time ago I decided I needed to use COS 5 for a full bolt-on car. No idea why. Now I want to go back to the stock OS which is 12212156. Is there an easy way to copy all the changes I made in the COS and paste it to the stock OS? I read about the create/run script function but was a little unclear about the details. Do I just load both tunes, create script, load stock tune, run script and save? Then take the new tune and program the PCM operating system and calibrations? Thanks!

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    Do this in the V7 tunetool:
    - open a 12212156 file
    - full flash it into the PCM,
    - open your last 02020005/COS5 file,
    - cal flash it into the PCM,
    - read back the PCM, save it to file,
    - open the 12212156 file as the alternate file,
    - edit B3605 to match the stock/alternate file,
    - save file,
    - cal flash it into the PCM.

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    Thanks joecar!

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    Can anyone help with this situation, i'm in an LS swap, truck=2014 GMC Sierra 4.8L V6, Engine swapped into truck was a 2014 GMC Sierra crew cab 5.3L, i came in after engine installed, was said to have the controller that belonged with the engine being swapped in, which after reading was not EFI-LIVE readin back came as 6.0, OS 12663390, the engine installed is a 5.3L stamped and verified from engine, controller read from the V8 6.0L, 12663390.calz, when i started i read the 4.8L stock first and just saved it, never even looked at it. After trying to full flash the said to be 5.3L, which was actually the V8 6.0 controller said to have come with 5.3L engine, and didn't start, said vats theft on the dash, i talked to one of my neighbors, GM Tech family from 3 generations, was told you can't put a 6.0 into 4.8, only a 4.8/5.3/6.2 will work, thus leaving the 6.0 controller out of the question. so i figured, OK, i still have the 4.8 V6 original factory controller from truck, vats still married to the truck, starts the engine swapped engine but runs like crap because V6, V8 different calz., so i figured ok, i'll get a 5.3 V8 OS and just cal flash, when i read the original 4.8 V6, OS came back as 12663390. Same very OS as the 6.0 V8 controller, i ran the VIN for the 2014 GMC Sierra Truck (target)in ACDELCO and it came back as OS 13594771, which means it's been tampered with. what are my options to cal flash the original 4.8 V6 with modified OS 12663390 vats still married and starts the V8 Swap, into a V8 OS? any help is appreciated, and if none at least this info is out there for knowlegde. My lesson was READ READ READ. Don't ASSUME.

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