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Thread: Another e54 question

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    Default Another e54 question

    First time I have seen this and it happens to be on my own personal vehicle. I always have to do a full flash. Sometimes all the values don't get transferred with just a cal flash. Example. I put the idle timing at -15 just to prove my theory. Truck white smokes like a train while idling. Then I change my timing tables back to normal. Do a cal flash. Truck smokes like crazy. Read the tune. Says correct numbers. Do a full flash and it's fine. I've tested this number out times making real obvious changes. Changing defuel to 10mm. Adding a lope tune. Different things like this. Only a full flash guarantees I get all my changes flashed. Why is this. It's so annoying. Never had this happen before.

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    DSP2, DSP5, or single tune? I've had this problem ALOT on LLY's, only a few times on my LB7, and just about ALL teh time on my AL5 TCM. What's weird though is if I do the cal flash via my V2, It seems to go through all the time, do the cal flash in pass through, and it's a crap shoot.
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    Dsp5. weird you say that about the al5. I've never had any issues whatsoever with the al5. I just did another e54 last night and didn't have the problem. Guess it's just my own vehicles. Haha

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    Just a note from the DSP tutorials.....

    For the LB7, any time you are retuning any of the DSP Programs #2 - #4 you will need to perform a full flash of the ECM for the changes to be applied,
    Program #1 changes can be programmed using just a calibration flash.

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