Long story short I have two LB7 ECMS that need to be repaired by SoCal Diesel. They are from 01 and 02 trucks. You can communicate with the ECM with a bench harness but it comes up with a locked custom key error. I believe they were tuned with a handheld and now they are locked out.

Would be great for someone who wants to tune a different ECM and keep their stock one.

SoCal can fix the computer for $120 each.

I'm asking $120 shipped for one ECM or $200 shipped for both. I can email you pictures of the ECMS and the error I get with EFILive.

I'd also be willing to ship it to SoCal diesel on your behalf.

Refurbished LB7 ECMs go for $425 each on Ebay.

Send me a PM if you're interested.