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Thread: 2009 C5500 tcm

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    Default 2009 C5500 tcm

    Hey guys. Have a customers 2009 C5500 in, needs a tcm (soon as the engine warms up it shuts itself down and loses communication, swapped another tcm in after repairing some green wiring...)

    I believe the TCM is an a50 (LMM engine) but I'm not positive.

    My question... Can I completely program a new TCM from the dealer with my v2?


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    Hi all, I got the new TCM in, OS is a different version than the old TCM. I have saved copies of the old TCM file, the new one blank and a modified version I attempted to build using the parameters from the old, along with the base file from the new blank (AC delco from the dealer). Anyone willing to take a look at what I have and see if you can make a file that works? Flashing appears successful but I still don't have scan tool communication, I have a flashing service light and an active u0101 code in the engine. I am at whits end with this thing and I'd rather not send it to the dealer.


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    You will need to program it with dealer programming

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