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Thread: 2015 LML will not start!!

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    Default 2015 LML will not start!!

    We have read and flashed this vehicle before and upon doing the V7.5 and V8 updates when we were flashed in a new file it erased the PCM and left it dead. I have contacted support and they replied with send a new read file, not a previously saved one which is impossible due to the PCM being blank. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Currently we are downloading previous version of 7.5 and 8 to see if this works. Thank You in advance.

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    You can't read the ecm so i'm not sure what your trying to accomplish there? Go to TIS find the correct cals as stated in the LML quick start guide (found in the scan/tune program, get the correct tune tune file, try a cal flash and if that doesn't work try a full flash.
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    Well we got it sorted. We did the V7.5 and V8 updates about a month ago and when we went to flash the truck it said there was no license for the ECM, which had been licensed previously. I sent the log into support and the reply I received was read the ECM fresh. I know these can't be read out and have yet to receive further instructions from them but found that when we uninstalled the new 7.5 and 8 then downloaded and installed the December 2015 release it is now flashing fine.

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    In the last month there has been 5 releases, the current Release Candidate 2 software, or the December public release is the software all customers should be running.

    The only reason I can think that support told you to read your ECM was that it wasn't clear you had an LML. If that is not the case, please pm me your conversations with support and I'll address it.


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