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Thread: Online Ordering, License Purchases, Shipping & Returns

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    Default Online Ordering, License Purchases, Shipping & Returns

    We've updated the information available to customers to assist with Online Ordering.

    The Online Ordering Knowledge base article provides information on how to:

    Create an Account
    Payment Processing Errors
    Despatch lead times
    Order Tracking
    Shipping Policy

    The License Purchases & Activation Codes FAQ Knowledge base article providers information on:

    How are EFILive License Activation Codes sent
    How long will it take to receive my EFILive License Activation Code
    How do I ensure my EFILive License Order is correctly placed
    What if my Order Status Says "Manual Intervention Required"
    What if there is an error processing payment
    How do I process an Urgent Order
    How do I access Activation Codes via the EFILive Store

    The Shipping Policy and Returns Policy are also available online.

    The EFILive Admin Team.
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