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Thread: Scan and tune linking (HELP!)

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    Default Scan and tune linking (HELP!)

    I am trying to figure out how to link the scan and tune tools so that I can do a log and then go to the tune to view the operation point of the associated table(s). I must be missing something because I looked through both manuals and didn't see anything on how this is supposed to be done. I have tried starting the scan toll from inside the tune tool and visa versa and haven't been able to make this work. Please help!

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    Open up the scan tool load the log file. Then open up the tune tool v7.5 and load the tune. Then play the scan log and watch the gray block move around on the tune.
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    In V7 tunetool: go Edit->Properties->Scanner and checkmark the items under PID data links.

    In V7 scantool: log the pids that are mentioned on the axis of the table in the tunetool that you're interested in (make sure they have the same units).

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