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Thread: Dodge 5500 C&C with Allison Trans

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    Default Dodge 5500 C&C with Allison Trans

    Hi members, I have a customer that has a 2010 Dodge C&C 5500 that was originally equipped with the Aisin auto tranny. He has had a few issues with it in the past and we decided next time he "broke" it we'd do a swap to an Allison tranny. The Allison is in along with its own standalone controller and wire harness and its ready for a test run. Before we try this new combo out I need to flash the ECM (so I'm told) with a compatible manual trans file. I've looked on the file site and a few other places and haven't run across the file that I need. I mainly tune large (class 8) trucks and could possibly use Calterm to blow the correct file in but using EFI Live is much more stable for this. And the more stable...the better!

    There may even be a file that I could use that's on the tune file site, but I don't know enough about the OS's and compatibility to know for sure. Does anyone have a compatible manual trans file for this truck/ECM or could you tell me which one is compatible? Here's the info on the controller:

    Calibration ID: 71301434AQ
    OS: 11720600

    Also, this is a CM2100 ECM.

    Any help is greatly appreciated!

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    I wonder if you would still be better off with the Aisin tune in the ECM because it will still be communicating TCM messages which your stand alone box might be wanting to listen out for.

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    Is it possible to use a medium duty Cummins ECM tune?

    There were tons of medium duty applications with the 6.7/Allison 1000....but I dont know about the compatibility of a medium duty file in a dodge pickup truck.

    2005 Silverado, CC/SB, 4x4, LT, LILLY/Allison
    12.9s @ 108 mph

    many thanks to Ross and Paul

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